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The Web Audio Playground helps developers visualize how the graph nodes in the Web Audio API work. Shown at I/O 2012.


This complex audio processing app (shown at I/O 2012) implements a 28-band vocoder - a "robotic voice" processor.

"Analog" Synth

This application implements a polyphonic "analog" synthesizer, with a classic voice architecture. Playable via Web MIDI or onscreen keyboard.

Input Effects

This demo lets you play with a few common effects on the audio inputs.


This is sample code for recording audio from live input and downloading them as WAV files, built on Matt Diamond's excellent RecorderJS.


Oscilloscope waveform display for Web Audio, and pulse-width duty cycle control on a square wave.


Example of a monophonic Web MIDI/Web Audio synth, with no UI.


This application implements a dual DJ deck, specifically intended to be driven by a Numark MIDI controller.

Pitch Detection

This application performs monophonic autocorrelating pitch detection in realtime. This is suitable for a guitar tuner or other complex waveform source.

The Game of Life

Conway's Game of Life, on an 8x8 grid, interfacing with a Novation Launchpad controller via Web MIDI.

Happy Drums

Quick addition of MIDI controller support (using a Livid Instruments CNTRLR) to the Shiny Drum Machine.


Simple template for Web Audio synths, with a polyphonic voice architecture, on-screen keyboard (including touch), and Web MIDI.


Pointer/multi-touch input to control Web Audio. Load it on a touch device, touch and slide around - to open/close the filter and modify Q.

Volume Meter

This is a simple code example of how to properly implement a clip-detecting volume meter.


This is an in-progress example of how to implement a sample-playback synthesizer. Eventually should support looping and voice control, but simple code example of how to properly implement a clip-detecting volume meter.

Slide Deck

Slide deck on Web Audio and Web MIDI.